Last Day To Vote for "Best Blog Giveaway"

Wow! Vermillion still rules! Way to go, keep those folks coming to vote for you!

This is the last day to vote in our contest for the "Best Blog Giveaway". Winner announced tomorrow (going to be a big surprise, right?).

All the 'contestants' were notified by email on Aug 31st to cast their votes by Sept 5th. As you can see quite a few have not even returned to vote for themselves! They must not have a need for $20, the winning prize, or they are very, very, very, busy and don't have time to drop by and vote.

The contest has been wonderful learning for me and I probably will not do one again soon. I will be trying some different promotions so check back every now and then when you have time to see what's happening here.

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bethany said...

I'm so excited about this :) Thanks so much-I still learn something new about giveaways and the best way to run them every time I hold one!!