Vote for the "Best Blog Giveaway" Contest Continued

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in our contest for the "Best Blog Giveaway"! Winner will be announced Saturday!

Vermillion Rules! truly rules! This site is the only one to provide a link back to here so their friends could come vote for them in our contest.

I should have made that a stipulation for submitting a link for the contest, but I did not think of that, so lesson learned. That is part of the fun of blogging, learning from your mistakes and getting ideas that have worked from other bloggers.

Out of the 13 links submitted only 11 votes have been cast and 7 of those are for Vermillion Rules. Eight of the submitted links have not even come back to vote for themselves!

Apparently only one person who voted thinks 20% off any purchase in my store is worth it, since only one left a comment saying they had voted.

I have learned a lot and will be reevaluating my store and blog.

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