Promote Your Business - Network!

I am always looking for ways to promote my businesses, websites and blog and have found networking a good possibility to do this.

You can do a search at for networking groups in your area of interest. If you join and sign in you get a "My Social Networks" at the top next to your name. Click on this and then do a search for say arts or crafts or jewelry or home based business and a list of the groups already formed will come up. Click on any of these that interest you and check to see how many members they have and how long they have been around and then you can decide if you want to join it.

If you don't join Ning then you just have to scroll through the entire list of over 2000 pages with 20 listings on each page! Join, its easier!

I have found a few that I would recommend for anyone with a home based business:

Ruebee is at the top of my list. They are a Christian artist community giving credit to God.

The Diva Within. A networking group for any business owner. There is a wonderful group of people here to share ideas, events, information and has other specify sub-groups.

Startup Biz is a small business social network. This is where I met Matt LaClear a wonderfully informative marketing consultant.

I am still researching and will let you know as I find other groups that would be fun, informative and helpful to all us home based business owners.


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