Craft Show Was A Bust

I am sad to report that the craft show yesterday, Deep in the Arts of Texas, was a bust financially! I spent more then I made by the time I bought lunch and drinks and bid on a couple of auctions.

There were lots and lots of people but they were 'lookers' not 'buyers'. But I did give almost all the promotions and business card goodie bags out to folks who say they will be ordering next month for Christmas. So we will just have to wait and see if we get any results.

This is not to say I did not have a good time, because I did! I met some wonderful crafters from the area and introduced several to Etsy and found one lady that is opening a B & M and wants me to consign stuff to her shop in a neighboring town.

Believing November will be a better month for all of us sellers. Maybe when the election is over people will start thinking about their gift buying for the holidays!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sorry to hear the show itself was a bust - but you have a great positive attitude! I hope you get some sales from all you passed out :)

LoneStarVintageClothing said...

That sucks! Maybe you will make some sales next month (fingers crossed).

Where in Texas are you? I'm in Houston..

A Beaded Affair said...

Sad to hear your show was a bust sales-wise but I am hearing that everywhere. The bright side is if you gave out lots of cards and there were lots of lookers you should get some commission work out of it. Hope you do.