Catching Up!

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I have had some health issues and have gotten really behind in all things!

I did read some of the threads in the Etsy forum and it sure does sound depressing around there. Low sells, bad economy, etc. etc.

I sure feel for all the folks losing homes and having a hard time with staying within a budget. It is the same around here. With the health issues I have gotten really strapped as my 'health insurance' isn't worth squat and I have gotten some outrageous bills. Combine that with high gas prices this pass summer and exceeding high electric bills and it is easy to fall behind.

Prayers to all those with these type problems and my best suggestion is to get your head into the Word of God and remind yourself He is our sufficiency not Obama or McCain.

It is getting harder to get 'seen' on Etsy and promoting is still our best bet to get some traffic onto Etsy and into our shops. One thread I read was complaining because they had received a bunch of business cards in with their order and was upset because they felt obligated to read each card to see if there was anything they were interested in. They then proceeded to complaint about how ugly all the cards were and not worth her time. Why she didn't just throw them away and keep her mouth shut I will never know.

Let me tell you that really riled me because I am one of those folks that includes business cards from other Etsy sellers in order to help promote their shops. I haven't seen a card yet that I thought was ugly and not worth my time.

To me when I get business cards from other artists and crafters I feel like I have found a room in a museum or art gallery and what to go see everything! No, I will not be buying from every one of them but I sure like to see what people are making and their wonderful artistic 'slant'.

I personally can do without people that have nothing better to do with their lives except complain about something. If they spent as much time encouraging others and praising them for their efforts it sure would be a better world around here.

I am still working on setting up my new website and hoping to make some headway this next week or so. Still looking for a good free country primitive type template to go with a beautiful header I am having made. (I will be doing a post about who made the header for me at a later date.) I am using Dreamweaver and it is a lot harder then I thought it would be so if any of you folks out there have any suggestions I am all ears!


Swapna said...

Hello Betty, Hope you regain your health soon.. the rest will right itself...Wish you good luck and good health!!

NovaS said...

hi, the important is that your okay now and for sure you'll just catch up with what you have missed. and get some rest, if would be better if you have more rest then come back later when your totally as healthy as a horse....

thanks for the drop, see you around

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I hope your health improves! I know what that's like, I've really been struggling with mine as well.

Glad to hear someone else appreciates including business cards -that's what I do to!