How Do You Like Your Beads?

If you have ever visited my supply shop on Etsy, Renewed Resources, you will know that you never saw beads for sale. That was because I really know nothing about beads other then "wow, how beautiful"! Well, the opportunity came to purchase beads from a shop that was closing and I went for it!

glass beadsglass beads Czech beads West German Beads Japan beads

This first picture on the left shows glass Czech beads, West Germany Beads and beads from Japan. The picture on the right is Lucite Pendants.
Czech beads bead strands
Closeup of Czech bead strands.


Left picture is acrylic beads - blue and light green. Picture on the right is vintage assorted acrylic beads.

acrylic beads blue light green vintagevintage beads acrylic beads plastic jade pendant ivory pendant

Left picture is of plastic Jade and Ivory looking pendants. Right picture is assorted vintage beads in many different sizes.

So now, what I need is for everyone who uses beads to please come and leave a comment and tell me how you would like to see them sold.

Leave a comment and answer the following questions and I will give you 10% off any purchase of the beads/pendants shown in this post. If you don't wish to purchase beads but love beads please leave your comments, too!

1. Tell me which beads or pendants you like best.

2. Tell me how you would prefer to buy beads. By the strand: in varying sizes, by color, by size, or assorted size and color.

3. How many beads do you like to buy at one time? 5, 10, 20, 50, 100?

4. Tell me how much you would be willing to pay for the beads you like in the size, color and quantity you chose.

I will be listing the beads in my supply shop, Renewed Resources, on Etsy probably this weekend or next week.

Have fun viewing the beads and look for more detailed pictures after they are listed on Etsy.


Tiddles said...

I just want to buy them all... me me me.. all now now now LOL I am a bead freak I love them all, though I find a lot of people like to buy then in colours but with all different shapes and sizes, usually by the lb (gram) I look forward to seeing them up for sale

Casey said...

I love the pale green Czech glass strands!

Just speaking for myself, I like to buy assorted beads with only one or two of the same bead. This is because I make rings rather than necklaces or bracelets. But I'm a minority in the beading world.

I think you should catagorize them by material.

Have fun! I'd love to sit and look through all those beads!