GovTrack.US - Track Bills in Congress and Your Congressmen


This is the place to track all bills that are currently being considered and to track your Congress men and women. You can setup an account to get daily or weekly emails. Or you can just go to this site to view the information.

A lot of our representatives and congress people now have YouTube videos available showing what they say about different issues, when they introduce bills and just where they stand. helps you keep tabs on the U.S. Congress. This site is non-commercial, non-partisan and is a community and open source project. is not affiliated with the U.S. government or any other group. It is a pet project of a regular Joe.

'Joe' says: "Feedback (but not political opining) is welcome:

but I can't do your research for you, nor can I pass on messages to Members of Congress."
Get involved in Civics and stay in the know so you can call, email or write Congress to make them aware you know what they are doing and expect them to represent you, the people!

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