Vintage Patterns - Neatostuff Featured Seller

This is a must check out! Wow! Every kind of vintage pattern you can think of is located at SANDRITOCAT's Patterns.

Sandritocat says in her profile:

As for my pattern/vintage addiction, I have an Aunt who was in the antique business for all her life and as a girl I use to love to go over to her house and go out to the "room" filled with antiques and look around. She had dolls and linens and all this beautiful stuff that I wanted to touch and feel and smell. I think her passion has rubbed off on me. I can't pass a box of patterns without rescuing them. I've rescued some from being used as wrapping paper or just thrown away. I cherish my patterns and love to look through them at all the wonderful fashions of yesteryear.

Thursday's featured seller from the Neatostuff promotions. This is the last week for Neatostuff's promotions so hurry over and visit this awesome shop!

Aren't these kids patterns the cutest you have ever seen?

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