Transparency Sheets for Collage & Mixed Media

I have been experimenting with making transparency sheets for mixed media and collage and finally came up with some I am really please with.

These are Victorian Ladies and Victorian Accessories showing how different backgrounds can look with color or writing. You can use just about any background but it does need to be sharp dark colors or writing for them to show up enough.

I am working on some transparency sheets with children from the 1900's and will be offering them soon on my Artfire shop, Homespun Alley. Victorian Ladies and Accessories are available now in my shop.

And then I want to work on some Alice in Wonderful Land sheets, pictures from a 1940 reader, pictures from an old Christmas book, pictures from news print that I have collected over the years with some neat advertising, and on, and on, and on the list goes!

My transparency sheets are not made in any traditional way. I actually laminate the pictures then separate the laminate sheets and remove loose paper on one side and the result is the see-thru transparency you see above. It does take some time and patience but I think they look really lovely.

What I have leftover is the back sheet of laminate with a faint image on a textured surface. I would love to hear suggestions for use of this textured sheet. Right now I will be sending one with each order of transparencies as a freebie and asking for feedback. I have made it bigger below so hopefully you can see it.


MoneyEnergy said...

Very original, I like them... What will you use them for?

Grandma Betty said...

They can be used on collage or mixed media projects. Put a sheet of music behind it or some colored sheet for a background and make postcards, scrapbooking pages or a special wall hanging.