16000 Americans Attend San Antonio Tea Party!

Wow! What a wonderful day it was at the San Antonio Tea Party! The Party took place in front of the Alamo.

Glenn Beck spoke at a Noon luncheon and then did his show live in front of and across from the Alamo. It was truly inspiring and uplifting.

The crowd was peaceful, very courteous, friendly, and clean! Even the local security/policemen said it was a very cooperative crowd and they had no problems, no emergencies, no injuries, no fights!

There were several "special interest" groups that showed up in very small numbers (two white supremacist and several gay activist passing out flyers) that were politely ignored.

Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians came together to peacefully protest everything from excessive spending by the government, states rights, individual rights, UN, illegal aliens, loss of American jobs, and border security. \

We want our representatives in Washington to actually support the people of American instead of themselves and special interest only. We want them to enforce the laws of our land and do so equally to include those in politics that break the law. We want them to get back to the basics of our Constitution instead of continuously trying to change it. We want our real History to be taught in the public schools not the lies that are presently being taught. We want the World to know the truth about us, WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION! And our constitution was NOT FOUNDED ON A MUSLIM REGLIGION!

We DO NOT want Socialism, the government telling us what we can and can not eat or buy, or putting our grandkids in debt.

There are some really good books available for studying our history I want to recommend.

The Real George Washington, The Real Thomas Jefferson, The Real Benjamin Franklin and The 5000 Year Leap, which explains the 28 principles of Freedom our Founding Fathers said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom. If you can't find them locally please contact me and I will give you online ordering information.

Just heard that 15,000 folks showed up for the Nashville, TN Tea Party and their local news reported that only 200 showed up! Our local media said only 300 showed up! What idiots those "reporters" are -- do they really think people are listening to them anymore? The largest majority of the media no longer reports the news, they just push their agendas and try to make their own "news".

The Tea Parties were a great success across the country and just wait until July 4th -- it will be an even bigger show of free thinking Americans!


The Fearless Blog said...

Great post!!! There seems to be a lot of fear and even irrational hate out there but not from the conservatives. It is the liberal media and the liberal folks who can't understand what is happening in America. I am hopeful many in this country "are" waking up and opening their eyes to the truth that stands before them.

I am proud and honored to be one of those conservative thinking United Statesmen, well in my case stateswoman, who shall not be silenced by fear. We have much work to do....

Looking forward to next year's TEA party and everything in between.

MamaFlo said...

I live in San Antonio and there was a great deal of hub-hub about this being a way of getting involved. With all the recent talk of our current Govenor and his yapping about wanting Texas to be it's only country - some people are more than a little agitated.

Grandma Betty said...


Here is a link where you can read what Gov Perry actually said at the Austin Tea Party. He does not support Texas separating and I truly do not believe that is what people want. You also have to remember that Perry is running for re-election next year and like most politicians will say what he thinks people want to hear. I personally do not trust many of them.

The Tea Party groups are for enforcement of our Constitution and laws. I think if more people would get involved and vote in people who will represent us the people instead of themselves and special interest groups we could be a free country again.

Grandma Betty said...

Sorry about that! Link is above.