Tuesday -- Feels Like Monday!

Feels like Monday! I know I did get some orders and got them shipped, got the bills paid, made the phone calls I needed to make, but when you have sooo many things to get accomplished it seems to always be Monday!

I have been trying to figure out how to handle my Entrecard drops now that there are so many sites advertising on my blog. I use to just drop on the ones that dropped on me and on the ones that placed ads but now it doesn't seem like as much fun because so many of the advertisers are commercial businesses. I was always faithful to stop and read blog posts and leave comments when I had something to say. I am not impressed with the offer of $1 for 1000EC either. It takes a lot of time to visit blogs, read posts, leave comments and drop, so I will just keep my ECs and use them to advertise as I did in the past. Though now my ad will not get as much exposure because of all the new commerical advertisers.

I still need to get my Homespun Alley website up and running, which I have been working for months and months now. I am stuck right now trying to figure out how to do a dropdown with choices of colors, number of items, etc. I purchased Web Studio 4.0 and it is fairly easy but there are some things they don't cover and I have do research to find what I need.

Took pictures at the San Antonio Tea Party on my cell phone and then found out I need some kind of adapter to get them from the cell to the computer to publish them! Life use to be so simple! lol

I need to finish the baby clothes projects for my daughter in Ohio who is due the end of the month. Of course, if I can come up with the money I will be flying up and helping with the other kids while she is in the hospital. Know anyone driving to Ohio at the end of April?? lol

Still waiting for my new set of dentures, hopefully this week! I am so looking forward to eating meat and raw vegetables again!

I am reading "The Real George Washington" and "The 5000 Year Leap" which both are so eye opening and fascinating! They cover the real history of our Founding Fathers that is not taught in the schools today and I would recommend them to everyone. I will be sharing from them in future posts.

Here is hoping everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday-Monday!


Liz said...

I do not like the advertising ads. I like dropping and commenting. I choose carefully who I let advertise on my blog. Droppers are welcome as long as I relate to there blog. You have a interesting blog.

April said...

I agree with you on the paid ads I've stopped approving them on my blog. Though I think there is still one or two in line. I like visiting real sites which is why I joined Entercard in the first place.

Pete Morse said...

Hi, Really like your blog. I am new to Entrecard and agree with you on how time consuming it is to drop, and leave comments oin the blogs you enjoy. Yours stood out.


Carl said...

Today is Wednesday. It still feels like Monday. Oy... Two more days. I live for the weekends. I is sad, isn't I?

CastoCreations said...

It still feels kind of like Monday. lol :)

I have gotten MUCH pickier about what paid ads I accept. I'm not completely denying them all because some of the sites are still blogs and ones that I like. So I approve those but any commercial business that isn't a blog I tend to reject.

I SO wish I could have gone to a teaparty. I'm completely jealous!!! I look forward to seeing your pics.

Oh..and good luck on the website. I hate running mine. It's such a hassle and I'm just glad I have a web gal who I pay to help me. I'd go crazy doing it myself. :)