Back Online At Last!

I got to Ohio and could not login to blogspot. Could not find password and it took me a week to get it!

What a time I am having visiting my daughter who had a baby boy, Mitchell Samuel, and seeing my 4 adopted grandkids! Three boys and one girl, ages 4-10. They are all wonderful and I sure love having them all!

I have been here 2 weeks and it has been very hectic from ball games to ballet, doctors to dentists, pre-kindergarden to elementary school, cookouts to just meeting friends!

I lived in Ohio for about 8 years before moving back to Texas and know a lot of folks here so it has been fun renewing friendships.

I brought my old laptop so I could keep up with Entrecard drops and email but the laptop has been crashing regularly and I can't seem to stay online for too long at a time.

I sure appreciate all my advertisers and Entrecard droppers and do apologe for not keeping up lately.

Will be in Ohio for another couple of weeks or so and will let everyone know when I start heading back to Texas.

Thanks to all my customers for and You all are the best!

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