Home Again - Home Again

Finally arrived home on Monday and playing catchup with mail, email, bills, grandkids, daughter, business etc.

Had a wonderful time in Ohio visiting my new grandson and 4 adopted grandkids. Pictures to follow.

Long drive, over 1300 miles. Loved having my GPS! This thing is a wonderful device and saved me many miles.

I did some Entrecard dropping since I missed so many days while gone! Thanks to all you faithful droppers and advertisers!

I have finally gotten all items out of my two Etsy shops and invite everyone to visit my Artfire shop: Homespun Alley and my website: Lee's Candles

We still need to sell our property and relocate to Austin area. If you know anyone interested in 3 acres of Commercial/Residential property, please have them contact me.

Good to be home!

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Beadwright said...

Your stores look great!