Call For More Art & Craft Supply Sources

I want to invite everyone to submit their favorite supply source so I can add to the list here.

I received several while on vacation and unfortunately I can not get my laptop to come on, so those are temporarily lost until I get some computer help.

If you sent me one please resend it to and I will get it included in the list.

Thanks to all that have helped compile this list of suppliers!


Shaunna said...

Can I list myself? Hehhe. I sell feathers and destash and then blog about what the people make.

My favorite plantable seed paper supplier is :) Her paper rocks!

Grandma Betty said...

Thanks Shaunna,

I used Grace's Paper Supply shop and also listed yours for feathers, beads and more!


Maks said...

fabrics and beads, no matter where from, I love them all!

You hav e a very nice blog.

Lots of Greetings from Maks