FDA and Wilderness Family Naturals

We’re Still in Business,” Says Determined Wilderness Family Naturals, Despite FDA’s Determination to Bleed Firm

FDA Hits Small Family Food Ministry for $100K for HyperLinking to Health Research

Please read the articles linked above and see what our government is doing to this family with a small business who are just trying to make available good healthy products and a reasonable living for their family.

I ask everyone to place a link on your blog to : Wilderness Family Naturals

And support them by buying the products they offer. I am just a customer of Wilderness Family Naturals and really hate how our government supports big businesses but tries to destroy the small businesses.

Help fight for our rights and freedoms in the US of America and join a 912 Project, Tea Party Group, or other group of your choice to protest the present government takeover of all our freedoms and property.

God bless and stand together as "We the People" prevail.


TC said...

Wow. I had not heard this but glad that I know now. If you don't mind I am going to link up to this post or repost it as a guest post on my Live Smart Blog. More people need to be aware of these issues. Thanks.

TC said...

BTW- your site is already linked to my blog. It is listed under my Entrecard droplist of links. You don't have to post this comment I just wanted you to know.

Betty said...

Thanks, TC

Keep up your good works!