Do You Want A One World Government?

I don't.

I love the United States, the Constitution that our founding fathers worked so hard to establish, our Judeo-Christian background, my relatives that came from overseas and fought so hard to have the right and establish my right to freedom of arms, speech, religion and the pursuit of happiness.

I don't want the UN or any foreign country or court telling the United States what we can or can not do.

I don't want a World Bank telling the United States how to spend our money or who will or will not get loans.

I don't want a Czar telling me what TV or radio channels I can or can not listen to.

I don't want a Czar or World Health group telling me what vaccination I should or should not have or what my kids can or can not have.

I don't want greedy people/corporations, like Al Gore and company, to tell me what vehicle I can or can not drive; what light bulb I can or can not use in my own home; that they will charge me taxes and I will need to buy carbon credits because I am not living my life according to them, even though they can live how they want because they have the money to buy carbon credits.

I don't want a Czar or World group to tell me what to teach my children or how to discipline them, nor do I want them indoctrinating them in their beliefs.

No I do not want a One World Government.

I don't even want the corrupt government that we continually see daily increasing in greed and serving themselves and their special interests, printing money we don't have and will never be able to pay back, giving loans to special interests, taking over companies and pretending they know how to better run these companies/banks even though they have never run a business themselves.

I don't want our representatives to continue to fund corrupt community organizations, labor unions, and radical groups that hate this country and are so interlinked no one knows for sure who is funding who because the reps do not want to 'follow the money' because they may stumble upon themselves hidden in one of these groups.

What I do want is statesmen, elected to serve the people, actually serve the people, protect this great country and obey the Constitution of the United States which was founded "under God".

Our government allows the worst leaders across the world into our country and then allows them to degrade us, spew their hatred for us, practice their religions while telling us we can not longer practice our religion. While the fringe media give them all kinds of air time to spew their hatred even further, under the guise of 'breaking news'. Our government gives them diplomatic immunity so they can break any law in our land and not have to answer for their actions. Our own government politicians have become treasonous and no one is speaking up or investigating because most of them have something to hide and don't want to get investigated themselves.

I don't want our reps to continue to pass bills/laws that they have not read or understand; tacking on amendments to other bills so they can sneak them through; passing bills/laws in the dark of night and on Fridays, hoping no one notices until it is too late; calling anyone who disagrees with them racist, Nazis, brownshirts, astro turfers, etc.

I do not believe that there is a large percentage of people in this country that are any of these things. Yes, there are some awful people out there but not a majority.

I do believe that most Americans believe this country is great and just want to get it back to the founding Constitution, practice their religion, raise their families in a loving environment, have a job to support that family, and continue to live free.

I do not think we can just sit back and wait for the corruption to go away. We need to take a stand and really look at the people we are voting into positions of power and stop with the party line crap. A person is either for supporting our constitution or they are not for supporting our constitution.

If you don't want to become a citizen and support and love this country, then why are you here? (Obviously for those who are not legal residents.)

If you hate the US so much why aren't you staying in your own country and working to make it a better place for yourself and your children.

I welcome comments but if they are just of the "you are a racist" comment, don't bother as I will not publish them. If you wish to have a rational conversation then you are always welcome to comment.


Brian Barker said...

When One World Government comes, we will need a common international language as well.

As a native English speaker, I world prefer Esperanto.

Your readers may be interested in Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.

The argument for Esperanto can be seen at

Betty said...

So Brian, You are lobbyist for a one world language, Esperanto?

Are you an American citizen?

Why do you want a one world government?

Katie said...

Our free speech is in jeopardy. It's up to us to spread the word. Excellent post, thank you! Are you a fan of Alex Jones?

Betty said...

Thanks Katie, I don't get Alex Jones here but will checkout his website.

I do listen to Glenn Beck and Rush and some times Hannity.

I also visit Drudge report and Michelle Malkin (both are .com).

Steve said...

Alex Jones is a bit out there. I have exposed many of his lies in articles like this one and also on my youtube page.

I think sometimes we are fighting the inevitable. And inevitably, we end up on the losing end when we do. Just a thought. Should we oppose one world government or shape it? Should we fight a system of government that will eventually rule us, or should we allow our freedoms to encompass the globe?

Betty said...

Thanks Steve, I certainly will not listening to or visiting Alex Jones site. Anyone to says "Kill..." is not the type of person I want to listen to.

Not sure what you mean by "allowing our freedoms to encompass the globe". But I do think we should fight a government that wants to "...eventually rule us..."

Chris said...

Amen! I agree with you completely