Rush - Pay Attention To The People!

Apparently Rush Limbaugh stated on his show the other day that the reason so may people were protesting at the marches and tea parties was because we came not because we are fed up with government but because we are fed up with Democrats and the Democrat president.

Kimberly Fletcher sets Rush straight:

"This isn't about saving the Republican Party; it is about ending government corruption. And we will no longer allow anyone to divide us by race, gender, religion or party. We are not protesting a party; we are fighting for America. We are Americans, coming together to fight for our freedom and our republic. It is as simple as that.

We don't want any more politicians in Washington or anywhere else in this country. We want statesmen – men and women who understand the fundamental principles and guiding values this nation was founded on, men and women who have the courage to stand up for those principles no matter what the cost. We want leaders with integrity and moral character who are willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for the public good – men and women who are committed to fighting for a cause that is greater than themselves. That is what we want. And that is what we are fighting for.

Shame on us for not being here before. Shame on us for being asleep at the wheel and allowing this to happen. But we are here now. We are awake. We are engaged. And we are not going anywhere! Enough is enough. No matter what party you are, we are not going to take it anymore. And that, Rush, is what this movement is about."

Kimberly Fletcher is the founder and president of Homemakers for America. She is a military wife, mother of eight and a seasoned grass-roots activist. The views in this article are solely of the author and not representative of Homemakers for America Inc.

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There are a lot of folks out there analyzing what we stand for and are still getting it wrong. They call us racist, Nazis, brown-coats, hatemongers, gun-toting rednecks, stupid, liars, the list goes on. They, both liberal and conservative, need to actually attend one of the meetings with open ears and actually listen to what we are saying.

Thanks Kimberly for the great post!



Bingo! Hit it right on the nail!That is absolutely right Betty!

Rush has got it very wrong. You see, I made the mistake of critisizing Rush on my blogs, he only sees the wrongs with Democrats, but he NEVER sees the wrongs with Republicans.

That is why I don't listen to him.

Rush and Hannity have to be blamed for the cover-ups during the Bush years, they NEVER once questioned about the massive job losses that were occuring, they supported big business going abroad, and they were never there for us working folks.

So conservatives don't like me now. I did lose some fans over it, but what the heck, we all know the truths about these talking heads.

I don't promote Rush, & Hannity on my blogs. They are too far right-wing for me. And they never see the clear truths as to what's going on. They are nothing more than Republican mouthpieces under the guise of conservatism.

I will blogroll you in my blog today.

Best wishes, Marc

Chef Eureka said...

Hello, I was swinging through on an EC and thought I'd leave a little note to say I was here!