So Where Do You Get Your News?

Have you heard about the ACORN corruption scandals? Have you seen any of the videos? Where did you hear about this or see this reported?

Do you watch cable news stations? Fox, CNN, MSNBC, HLN? Or do you watch one of the three local networks? NBC, CBS, ABC?

Do you read any newspapers? NY Times, Wall ST Journal, Washington Post? Or local newspapers for your city? San Antonio Express or where ever your city is?

Do you listen to news on your radio? Notice how the news is always from like Associated Press with one liners that don't tell the whole story and it makes you want to ask at least a dozen questions? It is like reading the one liners that run across the TV screen while you are trying to listen and watch a broadcast. These one liners just make you want to ask for more details.

Do you get most of your news from the Internet? If so, what sites? My favorite at the moment is www.biggovernment.com because this is where you will find all the videos about the ACORN corruption plus must more.

If the station, newspaper, radio or internet site you view regularly has not reported this then you really need to rethink just where you want to get your news from.

A great example of a well known station that DID NOT do any reporting on the ACORN corruption is ABC. Anchorman Charles Gibson said when asked why ABC had not reported on ACORN "I didn't know anything about it". Really??

A major news reporter who doesn't know anything about the ACORN scandal, videos showing their corruption, the fact that the US Census has told ACORN they will not need their services for the 2010 census count, the bill that was introduced to stop all funding to ACORN?? I think this may explain why their ratings are at the lowest ever along with NBC and CBS. If they can not report current events then they are not practicing journalism at all.

I have tried them all and seem to end up at Fox most of the time because they keep me current. I also listen to talk radio which also keeps me up on current events. I also have quite a few internet sites that I visit periodically to see what they are covering.

The Drudge Report

Michelle Malkin

Big Government

Marc Chamot


The Patriot Page

Pick your favorites to stay updated.



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