March on Washington - Over One Million Attend!

This is the site to visit to see videos of the march on Washington Saturday, 9-12-2009, by the 9/12 Patriots from across the United States!

Marvelous Medley

Over one million attended this march/protest against government spending! It is so heartwarming to see all the folks that love their country and are standing up to make their voices heard in Washington!

Please tune in to Glenn Beck on Monday to hear how we can all work towards getting our representatives to stand up for all Americans and our Constitution.

There were also marches in over 34 cities across the US on Saturday. Fort Worth. TX had over 10,000 attend their march! Saw videos of a large march in Quincy, IL, too.

Just do a google search and you can find videos for most of them!

We are not alone if we stand together and peacefully work together to get rid of the corruption in Washington and get our country back on track, back to our Constitution!


John Tedder said...

Glenn Beck is not the answer.

It's too bad that all of these people didn't go out and protest when Bush and Cheney were starting a needless war with Iraq.

Now that is a trillion dollars or so that we could have saved.

Betty said...

No, John, Glenn Beck is not the answer, we the people, are the answer. Glenn Beck just gave us the confidence and knowledge that we are not alone when we stand together.

Unfortunately, I was sitting on my couch thinking I couldn't make a difference during the Bush administration. But not anymore will I do that, because we can and are making a difference.

By the way, just because Bush put this country in debt doesn't give Obama the right to take it further in debt.