Join the Resistance and Have a Little Fun!

Dear Fellow American,

Things You Can Do To Stop Barack Obama From Taking Your Freedoms.

1. Stay Informed. The conservative sites on the Internet, Fox News and Talk Radio
generally tell it like it is. Sadly, CBS, NBC and ABC and most metropolitan
newspapers have sold out to the bad guys and can't be trusted. A directory of
conservative blogs and newsletters is here:

Glenn Beck is a particularly excellent source of information

2. Get Involved. There is strength in numbers. Connect with other like-minded
people in your area. Organize. Attend local grassroots rallies and events. You can
learn more about the Tea Party movement here

3. Tell People How You Feel. Don't be shy! Put a bumper sticker on your car. You
could also get some of our Obama satirical money and hand it out to friends, neighbors
and people you meet. Jokes are powerful political weapons because a joke can't be spun!

4. Bug your Congressman. Once is not nearly enough – call, email, and write...continually!
For their contact info, go to: Remember, politicians, above all else, want to be reelected. Let them know they won't be
if they allow Obama to bankrupt the country and take away the freedoms for which
countless Americans have fought and died.

5. Spread The Word! Email these suggestions to everyone you know!

Let's take our country back!

All the best,

Jesse Dalton
Publisher and Founder

Start Today and Don't stop until everyone knows the truth about our Constitutional rights!

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