Postal Rate Increase for 2010

Surprise! Surprise! The post office increased rates as of today!

I was in shock when I went to Click n Ship this morning and found out the rates have changed again.

Did you know about this? I never saw an ad from the post office or any news report about this increase for January.

Not only that but they are planning another increase in March 2010 apparently, but you have to really search deep to find any information on this proposed increase.

I use to be able to mail a one pound package Priority Mail to anywhere USA for $4.95 which was good for my listings, same price to everywhere.

Now the price changes depending on the Zone or Zip Code. One pound can now cost as much as .90 cents more.

I guess I will have to actually consider using UPS or FedX after their March increase.

Most of the items I ship are lightweight and the post office has always been the least expensive. UPS has had better prices for heavyweight items.

If the post office continues these increases I may have to actually rethink how I ship my products. Plus I do not like the price being so different for everywhere you ship in the USA.

Listing shipping cost on my internet shops will now be a real pain in the #$%^$! Will have to charge a little more since I won't know actually how much it is until someone orders and gives me the zip code. Or I will have to make revised invoices which is also time consuming.

They certainly are not making life easier for us!

Let me know your thoughts and how you will handle this increase.


Aunt Nancy said...

Can you use the priority small flat rate box ($4.85 if bought online) or the priority flat rate envelope ($4.75 if bought online)? I ship 5 or 6 soaps in a flat rate envelope.


Betty said...

Aunt Nancy, that works for my small items but I have larger items that weight less and do not fit into an envelope or small flat rate. On my website: I sell ear candles and 50 of them only weight about 14 ounces. They are 9 1/2 inches long so I have to make a box that holds them. I use to ship for $4.80 online but it has gone it now.

FabricsNQuilts said...

I was awakened to that increase when mailing a quilt today. Bummer! But the USPS rates are not the only ones...UPS went up too. sigh...such is the life of the online marketplace. I use the flat rate a lot too.
Here is the USPS online rate calculator if you didn't have it bookmarked:

Hope you have a great new year!

CastoCreations said...

Are you kidding me?!?!?! Good grief. Though it doesn't surprise is government after all.

Lisa at Lots To Learn Preschool DVDs and Early Learning Videos said...

I agree on every point. I was completely confused upon shipping a 1 lb package as you were. I had been used to seeing the same online rate (4.85) and I thought I had entered something incorrectly.

I too, am on email every day, and did not notice any notification. Seems like they're doing their best to chase customers in the other direction, as I'll begin researching UPS and FedEx shortly.

Lisa at Lots To Learn early Learning DVDs and Video for Preschoolers.

Betty said...

I believe both UPS and FedEx have both raised their rates also. Too sad!