American Revolution Center

This is an amazing site for information about American History. They have lesson plans, interactive maps and much, much more for teaching and learning about our history.

The American Revolution Center
is a non-partisan, not for profit organization that is establishing the first national museum to commemorate the entire story of the American Revolution - in historic Philadelphia.

The Museum will showcase the Center’s distinguished collection of Revolution-era objects, artifacts, and manuscripts.

They recently did a survey to see how well Americans knew their history and the results are staggering. The survey was done last year in July.

Josiah Buntingm Chairman, National Civic Literacy Board, says:

This survey provides stark evidence that American citizens of the 21st century are increasingly—sadly, deplorably—ignorant of their legacy, their political and constitutional birthright of the l8th century. It is the mission of the American Revolution Center to remind, engage, educate, and finally, inspire succeeding generations through the priceless legacy bequeathed to them by our forefathers. The American Revolution Center is the most exciting and most promising national initiative on behalf of educating citizens about the Founding and foundation
of our nation, and about the revolution itself, in a generation.

Visit their site for details of the questions asked and the results of each question.

American Revolution Center Survey

We truly need to teach our history to our kids, grand kids, family and friends since the schools no longer teach American history in any detail. Our children need to know what our founding fathers did to give us this amazing, wonderful democratic republic. They need to know the powers and rights given to the different branches of government, to the States, and to the individual.

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