Teach The Constitution and Declaration of Independence

I really love the history of our country, The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence, our founding Fathers and all the wonderful people that made this country the most free place in the world.

I am truly saddened that we have an administration that is turning our country towards socialism and a one world government. I am also concerned with lies being taught in our public schools.

It is time we each took the time to understand and learn what our Constitution actually says and to teach the truth to our children and grand children.

You can get a free copy (may have to pay 50 cents or so for mailing) from the following sites:


National Center for Constitutional Studies

I also include a copy in my Journal Jar Constitution Kit at:

Homespun Alle

The kit includes a handmade journal with and the jar contains 60 questions about The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence.

All the answers to the questions are contained in the 39-page Constitution brochure.

The handsome leather embellished patriotic journal has 60 pages and is a keepsake for sharing what has been learned and written there.

"Preserve your answers
Write them up well.
What you forget,
You can never retell.
But a journal that's kept fresh with care
Will help you remember in the future --
in order to share!"

Each kit has one journal but additional journals are available for families with more then one child.

If you buy two kits or more we will not charge any extra shipping on the additional kits.

If you want a custom leather or fabric journal in your choice of size please visit:

The Lady Artisan This is my daughter's site and she makes some very beautiful custom journals.


Ms. Law said...

yes i also admire your forefathers, the old america.

The Hawg! said...

I agree with you about the Constitution in that a lot of people love to spout about things being "unconstitutional" and whatnot but have no idea what that actually means. Particularly appalling is the complete lack of understanding of the First and Second amendments and that the 10th is all but ignored by the Feds.

Another irritating thing is that the Bill of Rights is meant to protect citizens from the government (i.e., Wal-Mart can abridge your freedom of speech all day long, but the government can only do so within limits).