Fiber Art Play Day

Like to play with fabric? I got the opportunity to enjoy a fiber art play day that has got my mind racing with ideas for dyeing fabric!

Some friends of friends invited me to the FREE (best kind!) fiber art play day at The School At Majestic Ranch, Boerne, Texas. The ranch is actually located about six miles west of Boerne. They offer art classes and workshops and the free play days are to get people interested in taking some of their classes.

The play day I attended was taught by Lisa Kerpoe who lives in San Antonio and also holds classes there. The beautiful pictures above of dyed fabric are Lisa's work.

It was a hands on class and lots of fun! Lisa had containers of numerous color dyes, Proactive dyes, and cut pieces of fruit and veggies, and lots of different leaves that you used to imprint onto the fabric.

For example, take a garlic and instead of separating the cloves, cut crosswise and then place paint on the garlic with a sponge, then press onto the fabric. The design is so pretty, looks like a flower design. We also used apples, small and large leaves and got some wonderful designs.

Lisa shared how to ready the fabric before dyeing, how to fold, twist, or tie the fabric, then place in a shallow tub of dye to get unique, one of kind designs, how to wash the fabric after each dyeing and getting wonderful layers and layers of color and design on the fabric. She also showed how to bleach an area to remove some color leaving an added dimension of design and color.

If you live in the area take time to check out Majestic Ranch. Visit Lisa's website (click on her name above) to get her schedule of upcoming classes.


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Hi Betty,

I'm glad you enjoyed the "play day". Can't wait to see photos of your dyeing experiments!


Lisa B. said...

Oh that play day looks so fun! Thanks for dropping me an entre card also.