Facebook Confusion

Okay, someone please explain Facebook to me. I signed up a while ago and have 40 or so "friends".

What is the difference between 'fan' and 'friend'?

I have clicked on links to get to a Facebook page and it says 'become a fan', but I don't see a link for becoming a 'friend'. Yet on my Facebook I don't see any link to becoming a fan but I do have a link for people to become a 'friend'.

I have searched the Facebook help and discussion sections and can not find an answer.

I also have a couple of 'friends' that just send me 'gifts' and want me to return the favorite and that is their only input which to me is a waste of time. Once or twice is fine but everyday is an annoyance!

So how do you use Facebook? Do you post a comment daily or less often to promote your shop or blog?

I have a link to my Artfire shop Homespun Alley and I have figured out how to put a product listing from my shop to my Facebook page but I always have to change the info somewhat before sharing.

Is there a way to separate your friends out and have a list of like minded artists and crafters? And a separate list of family so you can quickly go to their page?

I know what you will say! Do a google search! But it is more fun to hear from those with experience and direct knowledge, so please leave me a comment about how you use Facebook!


FabricsNQuilts said...

A "fan" is what you have when you have a business page (mine:

A "friend" is what you have on your personal page (Mine:

You can have both for your business (like I do). They operate separate from each other, like having 2 more mini blogs. Folks have to sign up for each one of my pages separately.

I am not on Artfire, but Etsy has a cool widget to add an Etsy page to your FB. If you go to my personal page, you will see a MY ETSY tab & on that you will see a link to get one for yourself :)

You can create lists for your friends. (friends, family, crafters, etc) You do this under your Account...Edit Friends; then after the lists are set up & can file new friends on the right list as you add them.

Have fun! Hope to see you on fb soon!

Betty said...

Wow! Thanks, that helps and makes sense! I just became a fan on your Facebook page.

What beautiful work you do! Thanks for commenting.

FabricsNQuilts said...

Glad it was helpful! Thanks for the compliments :)