Jaywalking With Jay Leno

Have you seen this? It is hilarious but too sad!

Subject: Where do these people come from.....

Answer: our public school system.

Now is there any doubt that spending more money on education is the answer............

Are you surprised?

I am not a big Leno fan but a friend sent this to me and I have to admit I laughed my head off at the sad ignorance, especially the one in the cap and gown! Sure makes me curious as to what school she attended and how she got to graduate!

Don't let this happen to your kids and grand kids! Teach them the history of our country!

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Susan said...

I LOVE the jay walking and then when he brings them in for battle of the jaywalk all stars...he swears it is not a "put up" job, if that is true then yea there are a lot of stupid people out there! but it is funny (sad too)

Beadwright said...

I am with you Susan. If this is for real then we are deep trouble in this country.


Cozy said...

I laughed so hard I was crying and then I realized how sad it all is.