Oppose FDA Ban of Ear Candles

Ear candling has been considered a therapeutic, healing method used for thousands of years. Generations of families from all nationalities have used this ancient home remedy solution for a holistic therapeutic remedy.

In February, FDA sent warning letters to 10 of the top manufacturers of ear candles telling them everything from close your operation to remove promotion and testimonial information from your websites.

National Solutions Foundation stated:

"The agency, FDA, now deems Ear Candles “medical devices” without hearing from the Public, findings of fact, Significant Scientific Agreement or other substantiating or supporting reason, evidence of science. Among the undersigned are individuals who have used ear candles for relaxation and general wellness for decades. They have used them prior to 1976, when the agency was given power over “medical devices.” Ear Candles are not medical devices. They are a traditional, natural product that promotes relaxation and the health benefits of relaxation."

Oppose FDA Ban on Ear Candles Petition

Click on the link above to sign the petition. Please get everyone you know to sign the petition.

This action by FDA will deny our right to share information about alternative, natural healing options. More and more of our freedoms of choice to make our health decisions are being taken away by our government.

This action by FDA will effect our economy in that jobs will be lost; our vendors will lose our purchases for raw materials, our customers will lose sales and their customers will no longer have ear candles as an alternative method.

Thank you for supporting our fight for freedom of choice!

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