Fallen Angel Brass - New Supplier for our Source List

Tina Lavoie at Adorn Me Jewelry sent me the following information on a new jewelry supplier business she has started on Etsy called Fallen Angel Brass.

Tina says "We sell darkly patina'd couture brass filigrees and jewelry findings -- ALL made in the good, old USA. One of our suppliers has been in business since the Revolutionary war, making gun stocks.   Nothing from China, just pure US goodness."

Fallen Angel Brass  --  Here is what they have to say on their Facebook page:

We are two jewelry artists who have created our own line of brass jewelry supply - deeply aged, almost black brass. We carry ornaments and filigree, both large and small. We have findings and bead caps, too.

We love to hear suggestions from fellow jewelry artists! If you have something in mind that you do not see in our shop, we would love to hear about it and look into having it created. After all, that is how Fallen Angel Brass came to be. We looked all over for high quality black brass that was made in the USA. Since it did not exist, we decided to create it. Join us and add your creative comments to the development of the Fallen Angel line of Brass.

Please visit them for some really beautiful supplies that could be used for more than jewelry.  I can see using some of these lovely pieces as embellishments in fiber arts, quilted wall hangings, etc.

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Fallen Angel Brass said...

Hi Betty,

Thank you so much for making space in your blog for us. Karen and I are gratified that in just under four months we already have a number of return customers, and are thrilled to be releasing our Fall line soon.

Many thanks to you!

Karen & Tina