Artfire Pro Membership Deal - $5.95

Want To Go Pro For Only $5.95?Get in on the ArtFire Group Coupon before it’s gone!
Over the last two years ArtFire has grown with your feedback, ideas, and support into a venue that truly aligns the interest of the sellers with the interest of the marketplace. While in beta, sellers on ArtFire have listed over 1,800,000 products for sale, over $4,000,000 in artisan goods have been sold, and ArtFire has been covered in some of the most prestigious news publications in the business. Early next week, we will officially exit our open beta testing phase. For a full list of the final changes and updates you can expect, please stay tuned for more information in Staff Announcements of the Chatterbox forums.
To celebrate the beta exit, we are running an exclusive promotion to lock in the best rate ever offered for an ArtFire PRO account. We will be making a group deal offer to everyone who wants an ArtFire PRO account.
If we can get 20,000 people to commit to an ArtFire PRO account, every single person who opts in will lock in a rate of $5.95 per month for as long as they maintain an active subscription with ArtFire. As with everything ArtFire does there are no hidden fees, no long term contracts, and no surprise charges.
We will be publicly announcing this promotion early next week, but we are giving current ArtFire members the opportunity to sign up early. If you have friends or family that might be interested you can let them know they just need to sign up for a basic account to get early access. We are setting a hard cap at 50,000, and if we hit that number of Pros before next Monday, the deal will never be announced outside of the community.
Thank you for your continued support of ArtFire. Every member of the ArtFire team is excited and working to make this holiday season the best ArtFire has ever seen. ArtFire’s future is as strong and vibrant as our community.

John Jacobs
President and CEO

This is a group deal only activated once 20,000 accounts opt-in.
If you want to help everyone get this offer tell your friends, family, followers, and fans how they can get in on the best deal in handmade.
This offer is only available for a limited time.
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