Simply Spray - Soft Fabric Paint

Another site added to our supply source list:  Simply Spray 

I love to paint fabric and then make items from the designs I get, so I was  very excited to discover Simply Spray.

They offer spray paint for light and dark fabrics, upholstery spray, and puff paint spray which puffs up when heated with a hairdryer and becomes soft to the touch when dry.

This is their home site and you will need to search for where to buy in your local area.

They offer Demo Videos,  Hints & Tips, and free stencil downloads.

I have not tried this product yet so would welcome comments from anyone who has used this product.



Sevenday said...

I've used this stuff to make dinosaur (brontosaurus and pterodactyl) stencil t-shirts and it works great. Check out, they ship really fast.

Stay crafty,

Betty said...

I checkout the site and it is really informative! Thanks for including in your comments, Sevenday!

merryroseberry said...

I didn't know stuff like this existed, thank you! Seems like a wonderful product, I know a million things I could do with it... :)

(Psst... I'm having a giveaway in my blog and want to tell about it to those who have commented my blog so that they can take part and have a chance to win :)

aquariann said...

Looks neat! I make a mess with any kind of paint I touch, but would love to see your creations if you decide to try it.