Happy Halloween

Have a safe and fun time tonight! 

Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday, but the grandkids love it, of course, because of all the candy they collect.

We live just at the edge of a small town and get zero to one or two trick or treaters.  Last year we got zero.  So Dad takes the kids to a park in town which has organizations, businesses and groups there that give out treats.  It is really nice because all the candy is from places that are trustworthy.

The park is close to a school and a middle income neighborhood so Dad then takes them down a couple of streets to see decorated yards and collect more candy and treats that they do not need.

Then they come home and we sort through it all just to double check it.  We then have to try to get them settled down as it is now close to bedtime because they have school tomorrow.  They of course do not want to brush their teeth as it takes away all that wonderful 'sugary' favorite from the treats!

They do have a good time and we usually have enough candy leftover to last months and months!

Have a great time with your family and stay safe!

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