The Blog Plan!

Okay,  I am trying to get more organized around here and have decided to make a workable plan for my blog.

Here is the schedule I would like to do:

1.  Creative Monday -  Everyone is invited to submit their favorite shop of handmade items, or vintage items, or a tutorial for something handmade.  

2.  Educational Tuesday - This will be my own view of the political climate in our country today along with history of our country.  I truly believe we need to teach the truth of our Constitution and American history.

3.  Wordless Wednesday - This one will probably be hard for me because I like to talk!

4.  Thursday Reviews - This will include reviews of suppliers and if you know of a supplier not included in our Supply Source list please submit their link to us and any experience you have had with them.

5. Healthy Friday -  I am somewhat of a health nut and love to share tips and information on topics about gardening and good foods.  And to educate folks about  what products to avoid.

6.  Fun Saturday - This will be an open post with my submission of some item or topic that is unique or funny and you can add your your own link to something unique or fun.  Keep it clean.  This will be where I have giveaways or contest.  On those days you will not be able to submit a link.

7.  Sunday Blessings -  Will share God's word or links to other Christian blogs.  You can submit your own Christian blog or links to one you really enjoy.

I will be starting this plan on November 1st, which is a Monday.

I have included a sample box at the bottom of this post so you can see how to enter your name and links to stuff you want to share.  Just enter your name in the Name box then in the URL box put the link to the site or blog you want to share. I know it says your URL but we want the link you are sharing in this box. Then leave a comment so we can contact you directly,


Ann said...

Sounds like a good plan. I tried to do something like that once before but I never could stick to it. Since I always include pictures with my posts I found that if I base my posts around the pictures I've taken I have better luck.

Brenda said...

I look forward to reading your blog! I should try to be more organized about what to post on each day, too. I only have 2 days that are designated posts - I should do more.