I did a post September 22nd about a company called Simply Spray.
They not only offer fabric paint which can be used on light or dark fabrics, denim and leather, they also offer lots of free stencils and tutorials.
Go to their site and find Free Downloads on the left side.  Click that link and a page of stencils will come up.  But that is not all.  
Scroll down and find "Check out our friends" at Spray Paint Stencils and click that link and you will find 100's of free stencils that you can copy.  But don't stop there.

On the left find Stencil Categories and click it to find a good list of different categories.
Look on the left again and you will find Stencil Tutorials.  Click here to find tutorials which includes the following:
Custom stencils using Adobe Photoshop, there is one for learning how to make 3 part multilayer stencils from a photo, another one for reusable custom stencils and one for how to adjust the print size of your stencil.

It is a really fun site if you like using stencils for scrapbooking or on fabrics.

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