I Really Was Going to Do Wordless Wednesday But...

I even had a cute picture ready to post for Wordless Wednesday!  But I did say it would be hard for me because I love to talk!

Actually I want to promote Texas Artfire Guild because I am a member and was asked to start a blog for the Guild and I did!

Texas Artfire Guild   Click here to join

Our Mission Statement: 

A community of Texan Artisans networking to create group success. To promote our handmade products and share ideas. To educate, teach and learn from each other. To share how to make, how to manage and how to market our unique and creative products with honor, charity, and integrity.

There are so many wonderfully creative talents in our great state of Texas.  We are a very proud state and endeavor to do more then our best to offer unique, decorative and lasting handmade items.

Any artisan from Texas who has a studio on Artfire is invited to join our guild.  Artisans and anyone who just loves handmade is invited to visit our blog.

In the column to the right of this post, scroll down to "Shop Texas Handmade on Artfire" and visit some of the studios.  

Your comments are welcome, so please take time to leave one here and on Texas Artfire Guild blog.  We also invite you to follow us on Twitter.

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