Dual Chemical Threat Lurks in Store Beverages - Are Your Children Drinking These?

Think you are giving your children healthy juices?  Think again!  This is a must read post from The Healthy Home Economist.

I have known for a long time that 'processed' foods from the store are full of chemicals that our bodies do not digest and that cause harm to the body.  I have tried to share this with family and friends, mostly to no avail, because people just don't want to give up the 'convenience' of off-the-shelf products.  They continue to consume aspartame and all kinds of chemicals in processed food and are fully aware of what it can do to the body.

The scary part is I see my grandchildren with asthma, allergies and childhood sickness I don't ever remember seeing in my children.  (I do realize they probably had sickness that were never identified at the time.)  My daughters and their spouses all have allergies, diabetes, gall bladder problems, digestive problems that now require all kinds medication, which in itself is harmful to the body over the long term.

Please read the article at The Healthy Home Economist and please get your children off the store bought processed juices.  Is it really that hard to squeeze your own juices?  Is it worth it to keep your children and family healthy so they can have a long happy life?

Okay, I will get off my bandwagon but I do recommend trying "made from scratch" food and juices and just observe the difference in your family's health.

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