Submit Your Favorite Tutorial!

I thought it would be fun to share tutorials.  Doesn't have to be your tutortial just one you really like and think people will enjoy and learn something new.

I found a site called, "The Gifted Blog" that is devoted to gift wrapping ideas! And I love the tutorials she offers for those of us that like to SEE how something is done instead of just reading how-to.

She calls this "Double Ruffle Gift Topper", made from an piece of a sweater.  She gives complete instructions for how to make them.  Imagine this from an old Christmas designed sweater or bright red, dark green, burgundy, or gold.  Everyone has old clothes that have somehow gotten smaller, shrinkage from washing, right!   Check your closet and just see if you have something you can re-purpose.  If you are actually one of those efficient, organized people who don't have clothes that don't fit anymore then visit your local thrift store for some inexpensive items!

I love this idea!

She also has a wonderful list of eight gift wrap ideas for gift wrapping haters

Enter your link below and share some fun!  Be sure and put the title of the tutorial in the box where it says Name.  Then add the link and please leave a comment.  Enjoy!


Lady Artisan said...

I had a custom order for a personalized lather pamphlet so I decided to take some pictures and share a bit of how it's done with everyone.

The Gemmed Giraffe said...

My favorite tutorials are simple and informative. Take a look at this video on Artbeads Learning Center.