Creative Monday- uhh - Tuesday

I was so excited about the One World One Heart Event that I forgot to publish my Creative Monday post yesterday.  So I am going to do it today!

Leave a link to what you are working on, or share a tutorial or video, or share an art and craft supply product that you have used and like and would recommend to other crafters.

I am working on this quilted, embroidered, recycled woven handbag.  The top is a vintage purse I found at a sale, the bottom is new cotton fabric that I really like because the colors or subtle, mellow and just appeal to me, plus it coordinates well with the color of the woven purse top.

It will have a lining with pockets inside.  Notice the canvas bottom strip and shoulder strap, both have the embroidery on them.

Closeup of embroidery

The strap is canvas and also has the embroidery on it

Leave a comment and link to your project, tutorial or video!  I love seeing what everyone is making! 

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The Gemmed Giraffe said...

I'm working on Heart shaped earrings this month. Here are a few examples of my current design.