Creative Monday

Let's get creative!  My daughter has a small jointed doll, like a Puki doll, and wanted a carry case to store it in and to take with her when traveling.  So I decided to design and make one.

I have a decorative button I will be sewing on the flap.  Flap has magnetic closure.

I used soft fabric and padded with quilting batting. Her pillow has rice in it.

Two pockets inside for wig and clothes

Nestled all snug in her case!

Now my daughter wants a case for the next size up ball jointed doll and then for the next size up!  I think she as them from 4" up to 20" so I will be busy!

Now it is your turn to share something! 

Leave a link to what you are working on, or share a tutorial or video, or share an art and craft supply product that you have used and like and would recommend to other crafters.


Karen said...

Her doll is adorable! The case you made is so nice. She is going to love it. I wish I had a project to link up but I have not had time lately. Boo hoo.

RetroCollage said...

Your daughter has a very good mother!