Wood Cigar Boxes

I am so excited!  I found wood cigar boxes locally, really inexpensive. They vary in size and weight and thickness. And I can GET MORE!

These are so wonderful to decorate and use for storage, gift giving and more!  You can do altered art, mixed media, collages, decoupage and ... sooo many things!
Even the ones with paper on them are wood underneath.  

I am keeping some for my self but have eight I will share for only $3 each plus actually shipping.  (If you want all eight they can be shipped parcel post for $13 shipping cost)  If you want just a few, each box will have to be weighed since they vary so much in size and weight.  

Email me at rrsupply at gmail dot com or leave a comment with a way to contact you.

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Campbell Jane said...

I have a few of these. I can't wait to see what you create with them!