Moo Business Cards


I received an email from Moo that offers a discount of 20% discount for business cards to new customers.

But, alas, I am not a new customer.  I have ordered both their regular sized and mini sized business cards and love them!

The good news is that they will also give me 20% off my next order when a new customer orders using this code:  MJZ39H 

So I am inviting everyone who HAS NOT ordered Moo business before to try them.  You will be so pleased they will become your first choice source for all you business cards.

"Moo" fabric used for this business card holder.  Notice both the mini and regular sized cards.

Now for my offer, if you order Moo business cards I will give you 25% off the purchase of my "Moo" business card holder.

This business card holder is limited as I have only found this fabric once and only have about a yard left.

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Nancy said...

Lovely business cards!
Great blog!

I'm a new follower from the spring hop.
Hope you can hop by and follow me?