The Gifted Blog - What A Lovely 'Wrap'

The Gifted Blog is a must visit blog! Charissa is truly 'gifted' and offers some amazing gift wrapping ideas!

I truly enjoyed her series called Furoshiki Week.
Charissa writes, "Furoshiki are Japanese wrapping cloths. Literally translated, furoshiki means "bath spread". They are thought to have originated in the Edo period, when patrons visiting the public bath would bundle their belongings in a square cloth while enjoying a nice soak."

She shows how to wrap, tie and decorate just about any shape using everything from vintage scarves, napkins, fabrics and of course papers.

I know I would love to get a gift in a reusable vintage scarf or napkin!  This idea just makes the gift that much more special!

Visit her blog and have fun!

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Charissa said...

Thank you so much for the feature - what a compliment!

The first image is my own but credit must go to GaveThat.com and Chewing the Cud for the others. I'll email you about it soon!