Share a Tutorial or Giveaway!

Another busy week and got very little accomplished in the sewing or handmade department.  

I have to change my diet and have been working on making homemade foods instead of processed.  I got a Jack LaLanne Juicer and love it!  Made my own V8 juice and lots of fruit juices and it is amazing how much better it taste then store bought!  Did you know that all the juices in the store are mostly sugar and the fruits/vegs have been so processed that there is no nutritional value left in them?

I made some yogurt and added my own fresh fruit, wow!  is so easy to make and taste so yummy.

I am looking into the GAPS diet and would love to hear from anyone who has experience with it (or a used copy of the book!).

I invite everyone to share what you have made in the kitchen or studio!  Share tutorials or giveaways.  Doesn't have to be your tutortial just one you really like and think people will enjoy and learn something new.  Share any giveaway, doesn't have to be just handmade!

Still laying there waiting for me!

Enter your link below and share some fun!  Be sure and put the title of the tutorial or giveaway in the box where it says Name.  Then add the link and please leave a comment.  Enjoy! 


Micki said...

I use Easiyo to make my own yogurt and I am vegetarian, so I am all for a healthy diet.

Betty said...

Thanks so much Micki. I will have to do a search for Easiyo. Never heard of it!