Interesting Blogs, Articles & A Video

While visiting blogs I follow, answering emails, and surfing I came across some interesting things to share with my followers.

Store Yogurt Won't Do Squat for Your Health from Sarah at The Healthy Home Economist

Sarah's blog is my most favorite site for all things healthy!

Boatlift:  An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience - Narrated by Tom Hanks

While the towers burned and collapsed on 9/11, a half million people were evacuated from Lower Manhattan by a civilian flotilla of ferries, tug boats and other vessels—the largest boatlift in history.  I can't believe I had never seen or heard of this video!  Why wasn't it on every TV station in the country?

Free Printable Bookplates from The Gifted Blog

This is a must visit blog with the most amazing gift wrapping ideas you could ever imagine!

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