Obama Speech to Schools

Obama said during his President election campaign that the way you know what he stands for required you to look at the people he surrounds himself with. I believe what he said.

He has over 3 dozen Czars that we, the people, are funding, who answer to only the President, who have communist, socialist, radical views, and what to make white people give up all their wealth and give to the blacks, who wants to stop us from eating meat, who wants to give 'rights' to animals so they can sue, who wants to keep women from having more than 2 children and make abortion mandatory, who were not vetted by Congress nor had background checks from the FBI, who are in the process of forming a civilian National Security Force as well-funded and trained as our Military.

Therefore I must conclude that his speech to our children is to indoctrinate our kids "to serve" Obama.

Please do your homework and google "Obama speech to schools", you will get views and information from both sides of the aisle.

I recommend these sites:

Michelle Malkin

World Net Daily

My San Antonio (dot) com

Locally we were told by the elementary school principal that we could opt out or remove our children for that hour or day. Take a stand to protect your children!


Kathy said...

Every ISD is going to make up their minds ours has issued no statement which means I am going to have to force the issue.

Betty said...

My grandkids school is sending out forms today to sign to opt out.

We just called the school principal and they returned our call. They were very nice about the whole thing and obviously conservative.

Harrison said...

No matter what he says people will react. I think if Bush were giving the speech we'd hear similar things from the Dems. I think this thing will backfire for Obama but I guess he figures he can't do much worse.


Wow Betty! We've been EC carding, never seen you get sooo-political. Great posts and good points.

New LA times article came out that Obama is losing the white support, actually it' disastrously VERY bad NEWS for him. I'm going to post it on my blog.

Thanks for your EC drops!

Best wishes, Marc

Betty said...

I never got involved much because I thought I by myself could not do any thing that would make a difference. But since I became a listen of Glenn Beck I see how we can make a difference when we stand together and let our voices be heard.

I just turned 65 and have become a conservative "activist"! lol

What fun it has been, as I have met some of the most wonderful people who truly love this country and our freedoms and want to get our reps to go back to actually upholding our Constitution.

Heidi said...

You are a huge nutjob and I will never buy any craft supplies from you!

Kathy said...

Betty better late than never! Many have not read the constitution. And yes Bush tried to do this and it was panned so he didn't do it. The difference is The One has yet to recoil from the idea.

Betty said...

Heidi, that is your choice in this country that offers freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

I notice you don't have a blog or profile that allows me to comment or message you directly.

Kathy, I love the Texas Videos! Yes, native born and raised I also am a proud Texan!

Kathy said...

Get used to it Betty! I have been lied about, scorned and totally been blocked. Life is about choices, Heidi wants to choose someone else. Me I will make sure I will shop here!

I love Texas enough to fight for her, which is more than I say about many Texans!

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