Blogfire Blitz from Homespun Alley to Cozy Stitches

I promised to be part of the Blogfire Blitz and share something from my shop and then introduce another artisan on Artfire.  

So I want to share my muslin ribbons:


These are made from unbleached muslin and have that wonderful 'country' look.  Some are stamped and some are painted with fabric inks.  They are  100% cotton and can be reused and are washable.

I am working on making fabric wrapping from muslin and from lovely scarves and fabrics I have collected from estate and garage sales.  These fabric wraps will be in all sizes from 16" up to 48" and can be used for all your gift giving.  Fabric wrapping is so eco-friendly, reusable and will bless the socks of your gift recipient!  So stay tuned and I will have some listed soon.
We are finally getting a chill in the air around here and know the chill is truly there in some areas already!  I invite you to visit Cozy Stitches for a beautiful handmade shawl that is so prefect for keeping that chill away from your neck!

The colors are so gorgeous and it measures 22" x 62"

Other places to find Cozy Stitches:

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Cozy said...

Thank you for showing off my shawl. I love your ribbons and the idea of fabric wrapping.