Senior Artisans Spotlighted

I have decided I better spotlight more then one at a time or I will not get everyone promoted until after the New Year!

The following are numbers 4, 5, and 6 on our list of Senior Artisans with shops/studios on Artfire and Etsy.

SS from SS Woodcraft is an amazing wood craftsman and has the perfect gifts for kids and grand kids and adults (see the earrings below)!

He says:
"My Dad was a master carpenter and cabinet maker, who taught me all I know about woodworking. I spent over 40 years working with wood, as a hobbyist, carpenter, cabinet maker, and independent remodeling contractor. You might say I've got sawdust in my blood. (My wife says it's in my socks). I am no longer able to do any heavy work, but I'm sure having fun designing and making my line of toys and smaller items. My favorite pass time is making realistic toy tools and appliances for the little ones. Another item that is very popular is my line of walking canes. I have three different handgun shaped designs and now I have to carry extra canes in my car because people want to buy the one I'm using out from under me. Thanks again for dropping by. I hope to be adding new items soon, so be sure to check back often."

For the kids:

Amazing work!

For Adults:

SS has so much more creative works so visit his studio and pick yours!
Pegg of Pegg Macko Designs on Etsy has her own line of fingerless gloves called Wooliepeggs!

She says:
"Besides my artistic work, I am a teaching assistant in a Nursery School. I love working with the little children. I have some other part-time jobs, too. I love to be busy!

My understanding husband and I have been married for 27 years, and together we have a Daughter (18) and Son (13).

My dream has always been to have a place to sell the items I make--well, other than my dining room table. So here I am world! Let's shop!!!"

Pegg's Wooliepeggs:

 Perfect for those cold nights!
Isn't this color luscious? 

Lovely Notecards

Ribbon Hair Clips
Pegg is a marvel with all these wonderful creative items.  Visit her shop to find a really special gift for Christmas this year.
Irena at Ginger's Garden is another amazing person that is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Aromatherapist!  I can smell the wonderful aromas in her studio!
She says:
"I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. I am a third generation Aromatherapist, herbalist, soapmaker & skin care manufacturer. As a child I remember grandma making soap outside in a big kettle over an open fire. The lye was made by pouring ashes over rain water which my grandma collected during the rainy season. When she had enough lye, she would suspend an egg to see if the lye was strong enough. If the egg sank, the lye was too strong. If the egg just barely floated on the top of the water, the lye wasn't strong enough. But, if the egg submerged just half way, the lye was just right. She collected grease drippings in the kitchen in an empty coffee can. This soap was mostly used to wash laundry and dirty dishes. Our clothes were washed in a tin tub with a wooden washboard.

I am following in their footsteps. Nowadays we have it easy. Different types of oils, butters, pre-made lye or fragrant oils are more readily available. I still think of magic when I make lotion with yellow or green oils & it comes out white, or when my soap comes to trace, so I can pour it in my mold."

Natural Facial Serum with pure Aromatherapy Jasmine & Rose Oil

Two Purple Iris Flowers Handcrafted Glycerin Soaps in a gift box

For Men:

Bay Rum & Spices Natural Handmade Artisan Soap Teal Green

Visit her studio and find many more wonderful body products!

Enjoy these Senior artisans and help promote them by visiting and tweeting your favorite items!

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